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This page contains links to every issue of the AJR Journal (formerly AJR Information) dating back to the first edition in January 1946. journals with the word "queen", but not "elizabeth".

Note that the search will only work for words containing 4 letters or more.

The results identify in which issue the desired word or phrase appears and on which page.

Having opened the pdf you can either navigate to the relevant page or use the pdf search facility to find the word again and highlight the required word or phrase.

Two volumes are published per year (January–June and July–December).

New subscriptions backstart to the first issue of the current volume only. Claims for unreceived copies of the are accepted up to 90 days from date of publication.

Replacement copies are supplied free of charge only if the missed issue is claimed within 90 days; otherwise, they must be purchased at the single-copy rate. Claims received after the 90 day period will not be honored.

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